Friday, March 29, 2013

Mothersday gift idea

 Hi everyone,

This is the first post on the "new" Rick St. Dennis EDT Sparkle and Glitter blog, from now on my fellow teamies and I will post all kinds of idea's, tutorials, coloured versions of new images and all sorts of fun stuff using of course  Rick St. Dennis MFA digi's, so keep on checking this blog for all kinds of inspiration.

 If you like the darker, edgy kind of inspiration, you will find that on  Airless Chambers the other Rick St. Dennis blog very soon. From now on the Rick St. Dennis EDT has two teams and two blogs to play with, but there will be all manner of interesting stuff happening on Rick's blog too, so you will have 3 blogs to visit, we hope to see you all there.

We also hope you enjoy the new look and colours on all three blogs? Rick wanted a new, fresh feel and while we all chimed in Aletha Jane worked on the changes and Rick on new headers and buttons etc.
We start with a little easy to make gift idea, this one is for mothers day but I think it can be changed for any kind of gift by changing the digi.

The heart shaped box of chocolates had a sticker on it with the name of the chocolates, I removed that first; Printed out the Rick St. Dennis MFA digi heart, one big heart to put on the lid of the box and small ones to put on each chocolate.

Now you can cut a couple corners of course and colour the big heart first, then scan and print it smaller to put on the chocolates, but I chose to colour them all. Which was a bit hard cause they are so very small. Just sharpen your pencils very sharp and the colouring can be done (I don't have markers, but if you want to use markers, you might want to use the fine nibs or the reduce and print colour method cause maybe markers nibs are to big).
It's easy when finished colouring to cut the hearts out and glue the big heart on the lid and the small ones on the chocolate.

A simple project and I like the result


Hope you liked this little gifty idea and will visit us again soon

Be sure to leave us some comments about the kinds of projects and TUTS you'd like to see on our blogs. Thanks!


Love crafts forever said...

Whoot-Whoot!!!!! Congrats on first post Monique!!! you did an amazing job.
Hugs Nat

Aletha J. Williams said...

Wow! This looks great! Love your idea too. Love that digi also.

scrapclose2theheart said...

I agree. You did an amazing job & your idea is great. That digi is a bargain for $1.50. Thanks. Hugs~Patti

Miranda said...

fab project Mo, love it

Harjeet Singh said...

Great idea to make my mom appie. Thanks for the idea.

Natalie Katz said...

I've been searching for some good and creative mothers day ideas for kids and I've found this page. I must say that these are great ideas and treats for mom. Happy Mother's Day!

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