Monday, June 3, 2013

Carnavale Masque

Hi all, this is just a quick little post just to show you one of the new Rick St. Dennis mask digis.

I think they are all awesome but I liked the Carnavale masque the most. It was a lot of fun colouring, the fussy cutting was a little less fun LOL

 I made a simple card, cause I think the image doesn't need a lot of embellishments.

Some of you know allready about my funny habit of taking pics of the colouring process.  It sort of helps me to see what needs to be changed, silly maybe but it works for me.
And because the pics were there why not show them to you. I use my I pod for that, so quality of the pics could be better.

I always use  my caran d'ache pencils, and odourless white spirit and a paper stump to blend.

when you use pencils always start with the lightest colour, cause it's much easier to make things darker   then lighter ( it can be done though, I use a kneadable eraser for that. put some white spirit on the paper stump and go over the spot you want to get lighter, the pigment will solve a bit and pounce the earaser over the spot, the pigment will stick to the eraser, be careful though)

Anyway light colour first so most of the time that will be the skin. When skin was done, I started with the hat.
for the hat I used two yellows, two oranges and two reds  ( a light and a dark shade of each)
first coloured the hat with the lightest yellow and then started to fill in the shades using the other colours. Then blend using the paper stump and white spirit ( be careful not make it just one colour, so go the same way from light to dark and mix colours where needed). then it looks like this

for the mask i used turquoise ,blue and dark blue.
I used the turquoise first and made the shades with the two blues, and blended the colours.
I did use the eraser trick here to get better high lights

then I coloured the other parts that needed to be the same colour as the hat, same drill as the hat, just follow Rick's shades.

For the gloves, the ribbons and the feather, I used the same colours as the mask. 
colour the feather in cicular motion and blend it that way too.

the last feathers, bells  and jewels, for the feathers I used the same colours as the hat but used more of the darker colours so  they won't fade into the hat and you will be able to see them.
For the bells i used yellow and a light brown, leave some white space where the highlight should be.
the jewels are red with a white spot for the high light (it's the white of the paper, so be carfull that it stays white when blending)

This was just a little peek behind the scenes when I am colouring, it's not easy explaining but hope you enjoyed it anyway
if you have any questions you can contact me here


Sandra H said...

"WOW" This is stunning and your colouring is gorgeous x

Love crafts forever said...

Oh i just love how gold and purple look together.beautiful creation.
Hugs Nat

Rick St. Dennis said...

Good tutorial! Thanks...

I Brake For Stamps said...

This is absolutely awesome!!!

Creepy Glowbugg said...

He is just gorgeous, Mo! You get such great color with those pencils.

Miranda said...

fantastisch Mo, heel gaaf

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