Thursday, August 22, 2013

Morning Goddess Betty Card by Lisa

She's stunning, she's breath-taking, she's gorgeously put together and she will hurt you without blinking an eye if you get between her and her first cup of coffee!
She's the ever fantabulous ...Morning Goddess Betty found over at the always impressive Etsy store of Rick St. Dennis.  

Isn't she a cutie?? 
She's a hoot to color up too!
For information on how my card was made, please visit my blog You Made Me Ink!
To purchase Betty and all her BFF's ...
Please visit Rick's Etsy store here under the Lovely Ladies tab.


Seeing Things said...

If I could wake up to coffee and fresh flowers everyday I would have boundless energy!

Love her hair♥

I wish Rick had a "Goddess of the Afternoon Slump" digi....zzzzz

Rick St. Dennis said...

way cute and wicked funny
love the whole shabby chic feel of the project-good job!

Sandra H said...

Awww wow this is pretty awesome!! x

monique said...

soo fun and awesome

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