Saturday, September 7, 2013

September Saturday Freebie Time

Morning folks.
I hope you have all regained peace and quiet after the school holidays. The schools re-opened their doors a few weeks ago in Scotland, but I know that some schools are only just starting the new term. I remember the frantic uniform buying like it was only yesterday - my little devils darlings are a few years too old for that now **happy dance**. How many of those sparkly new uniforms are going to last until 2014? How many patches will be needed in those knees?
There are, of course, some of you that don't have children; but you were one once. To remind us of those days gone by and, for some, those days yet to pass; a couple of cheeky images from Rick St Dennis MFA.

Now, if you are a subscriber to Rick's Newsletter, you will have received this gorgeous pair of angels, well Bitsy isn't showing her best side right this moment, but she is/looks like an angel when asleep. Buddy on the other hand looks like your typical teacher's pet. Both images will be available in Rick's Etsy shop shortly.
If you're not already a subscriber to the Newsletter, why not? A couple of new images a month for free from Rick and a heads up on all the up and coming events. Daft not to be when all it takes is to send an email to Rick with your email address in the text. For more info. it's available on Rick's blog. There will be no more freebies available on the blogs because of the unkind people that share them on Pinterest. It was a hard decision to make but digi theft has become a major concern for many artists, not just Rick. So, if you want to continue benefiting from Rick's generosity, the subscription to the emailed Newsletter is a necessity. Also, I nearly forgot to mention, the monthly challenges where there is the possibility of winning yet more images from Rick start again next month. You will need these freebies to enter.

We always look forward to seeing your projects on facebook and Papercraft Planet. Please come along and show us what you make.

The girls of the EDT have got together and made a few projects featuring this month's freebies. The diversity of the projects only highlights how versatile this pair are.
The Airless Chambers blog will feature our naughty little girl in more detail and here on Sparkle and Glitter we will concentrate on Buddy.

Lisa using Buddy
Suzi using Buddy

Monique using Buddy


Lady Brayton using Buddy

Helen with a bookmark


1 comment:

Jennifer Scull said...

cute projects with these images!

for some reason I didn't get my newsletter this month. is it possible to have another one sent? what a bummer 'cause I was looking forward to it, as always. ;)

thanks for the fun inspiration! :)

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