Saturday, October 12, 2013

Karen C and her Retail Therapy

Hello again!  Karen C (aka: busybusyhoneybee) here...I just finished playing with one of the funnest sets in Rick's Zibbit Shop - it is called ‘Mall Girls'.  I was inspired to play with this after doing A LOT of retail therapy yesterday (from 2pm - midnight)...I don't have any $$ left...taking donations now!  haha - just kidding!  If you visit my blog you will find a nice surprise for you to use in the write up!!

 There are a lot of people who wonder how to use the sheets so ***A tip for buying and using sheets***  Open the sheet into the program you normally use to crop/paint/create.  Crop one image at a time.  Once you crop one use a paint program (with 'white paint') to get rid of what is left over from the images next to it…do this for each image on the sheet.  This will make it so you can save them all as individual images.

Here is the fourth image from the sheet

Here is my card

For full details please head on over to my blog!! 


Sandra H said...

Fabulous card and of course the image is gorgeous!! x

Carla said...

too fun. Love a little retail therapy myself!

Rick St. Dennis said...

Thanks Karen for Talking about "sheets"
Most crafters are familiar with decoupage sheets which they print and then cut-the digi sheets allow you to do all that in a computer program.
I use Photoshop (CS5) many of our EDT have PSE also called baby photoshop-what I do with images I use frequently is remake them into single digis-I create a new canvas or document and then lasso or rough cut the image out of the digi sheet and slide it onto the new canvas-Many crafters like to "cut them our" at this time so they carefully GET RID OF THE BACKGROUND-this can be done by painting out distractions and erasing the background leaving an opaque image on a transparent background-these are often reclassed into PNG files-so long as you keep your resolution up in the 300 dpi reqion you'll have a nice crispy iamge to use many times over-I scan all my images at 300 to 600 dpi to make my original digis-remember also that I draw my images with a fine point pen on paper and then scan them-I don't use a waccom tablet to create them-I have added details occasionally using a digital brush but 98% of what I do is hand drawn.

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