Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chef Nimbleknees

I think it all started when Nim saw the balloons tied to a gate. He did try nibbling them but really a mouth full of rubber is not that tasty. He smelt pie.. he couldn't see it but oh boy could he smell it! His nose started twitching like a divining rod and lead him past the gate and down the path and round to the backdoor and through the catflap. There was no-one about, all was quiet as Nim crept towards the windowsill where a pie was cooling. Nim had never been in such a kitchen before and gazed about in awe.. this is what he had dreamed about all those long cold nights in his cave. Here was warmth and wonderful smells and, and, and JAM!!!!

Do you have an idea how this story unfolds? Let me know and I will try and incorporate your idea into the story.

Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers and spectrum noir pencils.I then manipulated the image within Craft Artist 2 and added the kitchen. More details are on my blog. I hope you have a moment to visit me there. Sue x

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