Friday, March 20, 2015

Daffo Dill

I had so much fun making this! If you have followed me this year so far you know that I have totally become a stalker of Bonnie I want to try to make other things then cards that end up sitting in boxes!!!!  So for this make I decided to use a great frame that I got at a bargain at HomeSense (our TJ MAX for the American friends).

And I used the super cute Daffo Dill Fairy.

So here's how I colored her:

I was pretty happy with my coloring... And then I put her in the frame....
And then Rick said the frame was really busy with this delicate fairy.... and he was totally right of course... and can I tell you that he has become my ultimate sounding board?!?  I'm learning sooooo much from him!

So here's the image in the altered frame with some Deco Art Black Shimmer
I really really really really (did I say really?!?) wish I could find stuff out like that before showing it to you guys!  But figured it would be fun for you to see a work in progress!

I hope you have the chance of having someone like Rick in your life to tell you like it is!!!!

Hope you like my inspiration. Check out all the other fabulous images in the Zibbet store or in the Etsy store!

Have a fabulous Friday!!!!


1 comment:

fiona henderson said...

I just love that image.....its beautifully coloured....infact i love it all..

Fiona H.

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