Monday, June 15, 2015

Progressive Challenge Part Two Finale

Well my little chick-a-dees, how's the month of "flaming June" treating you all so far?
It's been a mixture of sunshine, showers, high winds, freezing temperatures and hail so far in this corner of the world (Scotland). Summer is but a dream. 
Dreaming up some more inspiration using our image of the month, Mr Tea, is what the members of Team B have been doing for your delight. Scroll on down if you want to miss my waffle and have a look. Any entries this month not featuring the image will, unfortunately, be disqualified.
Team A started the month's Progressive Challenge and you can go look at that post here if you are so inclined.  In that post you were invited to email Monique for your freebie if you had taken part in May's part one. If you haven't done so already - get your skates on. This is the half way mark before the winner of that free digi (of your choice) is chosen. 
What a choice that winner is going to have to choose from!! Have you seen the new images that have hit the Zibbet store so far this month? WOW!! I think Rick has been working overtime. Do yourself a favour and check out the shop.

The tag challenge hosted by Rick in May has gone into tie-break mode. Poor Rick couldn't choose between the three finalists and therefore has laid down a further challenge to get one outright winner. You can check this out over in our facebook group. There'll be a small prize for anyone else that wants to take up the gauntlet. Here's what Rick has to say....

One amazingly wonderful ATC card-standard 2.5 x 3.5 inch size-it must have a moving part-a pocket with a surprise in it and one other knock out element of your choice-one side must be bright and cheery and the other side dark and spooky-you must use at least ONE of my digis or Rubber stamp images on the card you will have until June 21 to post your entry I will announce a winner on the 22nd...Good Luck Ladies!
Anyone who thinks they can outshine the top 3 is welcome to submit an entry following the above rules I will have a prize for NON_FINALIST entries (that's anyone other than Nan-Mo and Helen) but only the top 3 will be considered for the custom digi prize-Thanks

Are you up for this challenge as well?

Anyway - on with the show............with TeamB and Mr Tea


Kettle's On! - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

Mr Linky is still up top on his own tab - just so no one has to scroll through miles of other posts to find him
Have fun

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Monique Van dijk said...

Wonderful to see all the different makes. Thanks for the inspiration ladies :-)

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