Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Archie - Crafting Vicky

Hello!  Now I'm totally missing out my camping trip.... It went way too fast and now it's over.... but I do have a bunch of memories from it.

I used some of my digis and one from RSD to immortalize this moment in my camping book.  I have been doing a smash book for the past few years where everyone writes down their memories of the day for the 2 weeks we are gone.  It's fun to see the handwriting change and what the kids have remembered from their days :)  Hopefully those will be some great mementos of their family life later on.

In this case I used the great Archie.  I have to admit that he did look like a few fellows that I met at camping.... oops did I write that out.... lol
Isn't he fun with the great napkin that I found at a dollar tree??!? You can see a bit more details on my blog.

Hope you like my inspiration. Check out all the other fabulous images in the Zibbet store or in the Etsy store!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!!!


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