Thursday, August 13, 2015

If ya ain't got an Ark...

...ya better be a Fish!  It's Donna here, hosting today on SNG.  My hubby has a thing for Noah's Ark, so as soon as I saw this adorable new Noah image, I couldn't wait to color it up.  It's available HERE in Rick's Zibbet shop and HERE on Etsy and comes with and without the cute sentiment. I had the perfect DP, by Debbie Mumm for JoAnn's Fabrics, and decided to do a rocker card.  The circles I used were cut with Spellbinders Grand Circles on my Grand Caliber.  I scored and folded the large one in half, then slit along the fold, slid the smaller one through and attached it to the inside front.

I printed the design without the sentiment and colored it with Copics.  Then I cropped just the sentiment in two parts so I could use die cuts and add it to the card.

Unfortunately I'm not "tech savvy" enough to make a video of the card in action, but when it rocks, the Ark rocks independently of the card, as well. Hopefully you get the idea here.

Here's a view of the inside. It's the same idea as a spinner card, only with just a circle, rather than a slot for the ark to rock back and forth.  I used two washers rather than coins (as I was too cheap to give up my quarters, LOL) and attached them with a double thickness of circular foam.  The white supports inside keep the card from opening up too much when standing.  I really had fun making an interactive card with this image, but it would also be a great coloring page, dont'cha think?  

And peaking of coloring, Rick's just published his first ADULT COLORING BOOK! WooHoo!  A limited addition of signed copies are available in Rick's Zibbet Shop, and they are also available on Amazon (unsigned) HERE.

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