Friday, August 21, 2015

Outhouse fun :) - Crafting Vicky

While I was out camping I was choosing the images that I would be showcasing this month :)  And I just HAD to share this one because I thought it was just PERFECT for a camping book.

Let's be honest if you have seen my camping pictures you will know that I camp in luxury.  And one of the things that is SUPER important to me is the washroom facilities.  So when I saw 2011 Mendencino Outhouse I knew this would be the perfect decoration for my page.

I do have to admit however that this little outhouse has more charm than the ones I remember as a youth using when going to a cousin's cabin.  But I'm pretty sure that the smell would still be awful bwahahahah SO no thank you for me :)

You can see a bit more details on my blog.

Hope you like my inspiration. Check out all the other fabulous images in the Zibbet store or in the Etsy store!

Have a fabulous Friday!!!!


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