Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Progressive Change part 2

Only 10 days to go.
Are you a "have everything organised before your summer hols" type person or are you a "struggling to wrap everything Christmas eve night and then realise you forgot Uncle Claude" type of person?
ME? Always the latter. It's silly, I know Christmas is the same time every year but it is sneaky and creeps up and surprises me every time. I don't suppose next year will be any different however good my intentions are in January.

Have you been following the exploits of the team over at our sister blog, Airless Chambers? The 12 days of Creepmas hop is well under way now and some fantastic projects have been shown. Well worth a wonder down the corridor.

Don't forget those stockings - Rick's coloring books are the ideal prezzie to add and will supply hours of fun. There's a tab up top to describe all available.

The second month of our Progressive challenge always uses an image supplied by Rick and if you took part in the first part you'll get it free. It is available to buy if you were too busy   Take yer Pick is still not sure whether it's still Hallowe'en or if he should go into Christmas mode and Team B is having their turn to depict his quandary.

Made by Lady Brayton

Crafting Vicky


Take Yer Pick - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

Nicky B.

We'd love to see your projects now and Mr Linky is up top in his normal spot awaiting your attention.

Have fun and, for those that celebrate it,  have a most splendid Merry Christmas and enjoy those New Year celebrations


Monique Van dijk said...

Awesome ....all of them :-)

fiona henderson said...

Wonderful work ladies.....beautiful work you all.....
Fiona H.

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